Basic features and advantages of Datasoft software are:

Ease of installation, adaptation and use.
Lightning-fast data entry and reporting.
Suitability to traditional procedures and the way users work.
Easy to adopt to the changes in legislation.
Ability to run on most platforms found in medium-sized enterprises.
Ability to exchange data with other software developed for vertical markets.

Datasoft's two main product lines are Business and Accounting sets. These sets are groups of individual applications which can be used independently or integrated to work as a full system. These integrated applications, along with separate add-on modules, provide complete solutions to the changing needs of our diverse customer base.

The Business Set consists of Inventory, Accounts, Invoice, Cheques & Notes, General Ledger, Payroll, Amortization applications. Each one of these main units can run  as a stand-alone application, while it is possible to integrate them to work on a common database enriched with add-on modules to meet customer specific needs.

The Accounting Set contains of General Ledger, Payroll, Amortization units of the Business Set with the additional Accounting Office Automation application.

Other than our freeware utility "StripMail", Datasoft's products and services are currently available only to the Turkish domestic market.